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Attila Mészáros

Attila Mészáros is agrarian engineer, certificated economist, and has two MBA diplomas. He worked for Credit-Lyonnais Magyarország Bank Zrt., between 2001 and 2007 he was director of Directorate for Relation with Large Enterprises and Credit Risk Management at K&H Bank Zrt.. Between September 2007 and December 2009 he led the restructuring department of MKB Bank Zrt., and was the CEO and chairman of the Board of Directors of the Romanian workout subsidiary of MKB. From November 2011 he worked as financial restructuring advisor first at Ernst&Young Tanácsadó Kft., later at his own company. Between July 2014 and February 2015 he was supervisory agent at five liquidated credit insitution appointed by Pénzügyi Stabilitási és Felszámoló Nonprofit Kft. From March 2015 he is the leader of the SSC and subsidiary control at Szövetkezeti Hitelintézetek Integrációs Szervezete, furthermore chairman of the Board of Directors of Bóly és Vidéke Takarékszövetkezet, CEO of Takarékszövetkezeti Informatikai Kft. and member of the Council of Directors of Szövetkezeti Hitelintézetek Tőkefedezeteti Közös Alapja.