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About us

The history and development of TakarékMortgage Bank Co. Plc.

1998: Foundation

Takarék Mortgage Bank Co. Plc. as FHB Land Credit and Mortgage Bank (hereinafter: Bank) started its operation in 1998. As the first specialized mortgage credit institution created the basis of mortgage lending business operating with mortgage bank background in the Hungarian banking market, actively participated in the establishing the legal environment of mortgage banking operations, developed its strategy and built up its customer base, and made mortgage-based financing available with mortgage bonds available in the country.

The Bank’s main activity became the financing of the development and purchasing of residential real estate and the disbursement of state-subsidized housing loans.

It gradually introduced mortgage bonds to market participants, made this asset class widely accepted and popular in the market, created direct relationship with potential investors seeking long-term investment opportunities, and established the primary and secondary markets for public issuance of covered mortgage bonds. Its name has been also well known in the international covered bond market. By the end of 2000, the Bank had become a significant player in the Hungarian housing finance and in the covered mortgage bond market.

As a mortgage bond issuer, it has won 9 times the “Best Senior Unsecured Bond Issuer of the Year” and “Mortgage Bond Issuer of the Year” awards established by the BSE.

2003: Privatization

The Bank was partially privatized in 2003: its shares was issued, introduced and listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange

2006-2015: Expansion, Development, Positioning

With the foundation of the Takarek (ex-FHB) Commercial Bank started the formation of the ex-FHB Group in 2006. The Bank was the mother company of the FHB Group, and exercised ownership control over the members of the group.

2015: Joining to the Integration Organization

The Bank became the member of Integration Organization of Cooperative Credit Institution (SZHISZ) in September 2015. SZHISZ membership provides both a steady (refinancing) market for the Bank, as well as greater security for the Bank's mortgage bond holders, as SZHISZ's internal cross-guarantee system covers senior unsecured bonds and mortgage bonds issued by the Bank. SZHISZ, together with Magyar Takarékszövetkezeti Bank (MTB) Zrt., fulfill group management duties and also undertake the regulatory tasks, thus ensuring the Bank's integration into the Takarék Group.

2017 – these days: New name, new strategy, new ownership structure

The Bank sold all of its subsidiaries and handed over its group leader’ tasks to MTB in these years. The official name of the Bank was changed to Takarék Mortgage Bank Co. Plc. on June 25, 2018.

The Bank's profile has been clarified since 2018, which is in line with the long-term goals of Takarék Group, it operates as a refinancing mortgage bank, consequently its main activities are refinancing mortgage loans for members of Takarék Group and third-party partner banks outside the group, as well as issuing mortgage bonds.

Through the Bank's activities, Takarék Group has the opportunity to refinance their mortgage loans with mortgage bonds, and with its professional assistance, the members of Integration have been prepared in a timely and efficient manner to meet the MNB's Mortgage Funding Adequacy Ratio (MFAR/JMM indicator) requirements.

The main owner of the Bank is MTB.

The Bank actively participates in the work of the statistical, legal and capital market groups of the Hungarian Banking Association and the European Mortgage Association / European Mortgage Bond Council (EMF - ECBC).